FMSS Bilişim ve Patika iş birliğiyle gerçekleşen Android Kotlin Bootcamp programında eğitmen ve mentor olarak görev aldım.

Eğitim İçeriği

Ağustos – Ekim

Hafta 1 

  • Git Basic
  • Meta-talk on the Bootcamp and Expectations
  • Kotlin Language Recap
  • Android Studio Orientation
  • Anatomy of an Android Project

Hafta 2 

  •  Views in Android
  •  Finding Views and Manipulating Them
  •  Working with Different Layouts
  •  Activities and Activity Lifecycle
  •  Working with multiple Activities
  • Transferring a screen from Zeplin into an Android app (Signup screen)

Hafta 3 

  • Fragments
  •  Multi-activity vs Single-activity
  •  Navigation Component
  •  Moving to a Fragment based structure and adding navigation
  •  RecyclerView
  •  Creating a list screen and a detail screen and transferring data in between

Hafta 4 

  • Recap of how HTTP Request / Response architecture works
  •  Basic Retrofit setup and usage with callbacks
  •  Adding an interceptor to handle JWT Auth
  •  Using shared preferences to store simple data
  •  Using Retrofit to integrate login API
  •  Using Retrofit to fill our product list
  •  Dependency Injection

Hafta 5 

  • ViewModel and LiveData
  •  DataBinding
  •  Refactor whole app into MVVM architecture + DataBinding

Hafta 6 

  •  Parallelism and Concurrency in Computers
  •  Processes and Threads
  •  Different solutions: Callbacks, RxJava, Coroutines
  •  Refactor app to use Coroutines with Retrofit
  •  What’s next and available resources

Hafta 7 

  •  Example Applications